Under the Sea

Here is a small sampling of what we do!  That is... a little bit of anything and everything that can be dreamed up and that makes people happy.

People would not stop asking.... this is kind of the (most significant) joke that started the group.  

The Final Countdown

While we do play a bit of *every* style of music... a lot of our favorite sits in a category we like to call WOOD METAL!

Cacharpaya- Andean funky-folk

Stephen's adaptation of an Andean pan-pipe 1980s cover... jazzed and funked up.

Kaleido Family Arts Festival

Hey!  We're the first group shown on this trailer video for this Family Festival we regularly perform at!  At this time, also the first thing on their website.

Cello Suite 1 Prelude, Johann Sebastian Bach

We can be classy...

A Warm Open-Faced Marshmallow Sandwich

A super joyful Jayden Beaudoin Original.  Birthday party music?

WEDDING #1 Request!

Pachelbel's Canon in D.  (Actually, the first marimba video Stephen ever made!)  This is a beautiful solo arrangement by Nanae Mimura.  

Christmas: Do You Know Bob? (Silent Night)

We are ready for all your Christmas events.  

Cangelosi Concerto

Jayden Beaudoin with the University of Western Ontario Orchestra.  Jayden won a concerto competition during his Masters' degree.  This is a part of the performance he got to do.  

Rosewood Dreaming

Marimba concerto from Stephen's first album: "Dreams".  

Hallelujah: Leonard Cohen

Jayden and Stephen cover a crowd favorite.  

Live at the Carrot Cafe

We have been doing one little intimate cafe each year.  In this video, a little Street Fighter, Megaman and Stubernic, the crowd pleaser. 

Educational:  Boat Song and Samulnori

Sharing from South Korea.  

The Triangle.  "Educational".  

It's a very serious instrument.  

At the Market (Girl from Ipanema)

We often play at farmers' markets.  Here's a video from one such occasion!

Mario Theme Song

Classic video game.  

Beats By Bike! Hastag.

Jayden takes his drums everywhere.  In a wagon on the back of his bike.
There might be a larger wagon for his blue vibraphone now right away too?

Educational: re-hanging chimes with 

Rob Maciak

Rob Maciak, a friend of ours from Calgary, has made an extensive amount of Percussion Educational videos on  his personal YouTube channel, including maintenance.  Check them out!  


Also. find more fun content on the Sticks and Stone YouTube channel (originally, Stephens's personal channel). Or also, Jayden's personal channel (he's creating a lot!).  

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