My name is Clara and I was a vendor across the street from your group last Saturday.  I just wanted to thank you and your group so much for  an outstanding performance.  Your music was excellent, I was dancing around my stall while I worked, it really made my morning!  Sadly (luckily) I was quite busy so did not have a chance to watch for  extended periods, but when I could look up and take in some of your performance, I was just amazed. The amount of practice you must do to work so perfectly together!  You really have a fabulous group. "

Clara Qualizza

Meadow & Thicket Farm Flowers


We are a Canadian percussion trio centered on a marimba-band concept.
Sticks and Stone will bring you on a fun journey, taking you through a little of *every* style of music via the marimba (also known as the “grand piano of xylophones”) and other percussion instruments. Sticks and Stone finds inspiration from the percussion ensembles and solo material of university settings, from folk marimba-band traditions of Latin America and Africa, and also from bands and ensembles of every style, incorporating its own “jam” element. Expect to hear music you recognize on an instrument you don’t... and also to be challenged with the unfamiliar!

Between his time at the University of Alberta and Grant MacEwan, freelance performances and busking, Stephen Stone experimented with percussion ensembles of various types. Three people on one marimba (or, two people on one marimba, with the third person on drum set) was a natural development from this, allowing for enjoyable performances and interactive fun.

In April 2017, the group became a more cohesive concept when it was invited to play for the 2017 Ford World Curling Championship, the Edmonton Motor Show, and the Festival City Winds Ragtime and Riffs concert.

Current exciting projects include the creation of music videos (at least 5 to be released in 2019) and the expansion of festival, educational and corporate event performances.  For 2019, the largest group goal will be the recording of an album that blends folk-music from around the world with popular styles.  Sticks and Stone can also be found performing at local farmers' markets and touristy locations during the summertime.

"Your performances at the city market this morning were awesome!  As an international music examiner, I loved hearing you.  My house guest is a fantastic percussionist from Indonesia and he was also very impressed.  You play with such skill, enthusiasm and musical integrity.  Wow!"  

Dr John Hooper

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