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Band Photo 1
Dale, Jayden, Stephen
Onlookers at market
Arden Theatre
5-year-old birthday party
City Market, Downtown Edmonton
Carrot Cafe
Goldbar Distanced Community Concert
CBC Turkey Drive, Live
Starlight Room, Shake Your Brass
City oof Edmonton New Year's Eve
Kaleido Arts Festival
Downtown Market (drums)
Windsor Park School Show
Festival City Winds Featured Performers
Backyard Birthday Party (adult)
Album Recording
Car Show 1, Northlands Expo Centre
Adults want to try the marimba too!
Percussion Table, Recording
Epcor Christmas Gala with Rock Violins
Epcor Christmas Gala: Janggu
Showing Kids the Marimba (St Albert Market)
Kids Swarming the Marimba (St Albert Market)
Peace and Diversity Awards Cermonhy (John Humphrey Centre)
Royal Mayfair Golf Course
Highlands Golf Club, City of Edmonton
Shaw Conference Centre Lunch
Where Worlds Collide
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