Experience Sticks and Stone:

We are currently performing at least once per week, as we are requested.  As Alberta has reopened somewhat, we can perform for weddings, birthday parties, reduced and controlled corporate events...  mostly, however, we are doing:

Physically Distanced Community Concerts

Ask about having us on your street!  We have been performing Physically Distanced Community Concerts since the 17th of May.  This has been our performance solution since everything else shut down.  We have performed 18 of these, as of 8 August.  

Marimba Band at Your Event?


Live Stream shows have also become a staple of the Corona world.  On March 25th, we teamed up with Edmonton's renowned Starlite Room to produce one of the the furthest reaching live-streams in Alberta. 

On September 12th, we will again have a livestream with our album release.  

Past Events

Past events have included:

Performing live on CBC as a house-band (Turkey Drive wrap-party), the Epcor Christmas Gala, the Go West Conference for Event Planners, Performance with YONA Systema, Concerts with the Festival City Winds, the Alberta Arts Touring Alliance, the EPL2 Festival, the Edmonton Arts Council's "Arts on the Square" and "Festival in a Box" events, the Kaleido Festival, the Northern Alberta International Children's Festival, the Heart of the City Festival, Beaumont Town and Country Daze, an Italian District Festival, the 60th anniversary of the Italian Centre Shop (in Edmonton and Calgary), The Edmonton Public Servants Multiculturalism and Diversity Awards Ceremonies, the Edmonton Motor Show, the Ford World Curling Championship, the City Centre, St Albert and Callingwood Farmers' Markets, weddings, cafe shows, golf club events and school performances