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Here is a small sampling of what we do!  That is... a little bit of anything and everything that can be dreamed up and that makes people happy.

(... with a week's notice, we can play any tune of any style you might dream of hearing).

Under the Sea

People would not stop asking.... this is kind of the (most significant) joke that started the group.  

Happy Birthday

Do you have  a birthday?  Make it memorable with  a marimba-band!  This video here is from a surprise curbside 83rd birthday event, as the world was starting to reopen in 2021.  We perform for all ages!

Harry Potter Bat Mitzvah

We can adapt to be anything for any occasion.  This was a particularly unique occasion (turned into a music video after the fact).

Take Five

A jazz-standard by Dave Brubeck/Paul Desmond.  It turns out our drummer also plays bass! :)

Thunderstruck (AC/DC)

While we do play a bit of *every* style of music... a lot of our favorite sits in a category we like to call WOOD METAL!

Educational:  Boat Song and Samulnori

Stephen lived in South Korea for a year and a half, where he taught English and also spent significant time learning Korean traditional drum and dance (as well as the Korean language).  

A Place Like This

Sticks and Stone interpretation of newly-composed work of Wilson Bearhead and Elk Island Public School Music Teachers.  Including Stephen's interview with Wilson Bearhead.  

Kaleido Family Arts Festival

Hey!  We're the first group shown on this trailer video for this Family Festival we regularly perform at!  At this time, also the first thing on their website.

Oh Canada in a Minor Key

We had the wonderful privilege of being the first group to play in  the Arden Theatre (St Albert) in the "Post-Covid" reopening, Canada Day 2021. 

A Warm Open-Faced Marshmallow Sandwich

A super joyful Jayden Beaudoin Original.  Birthday party music?

WEDDING #1 Request!

Pachelbel's Canon in D.  (Actually, the first marimba video Stephen ever made!)  This is a beautiful solo arrangement by Nanae Mimura.  

Christmas: Do You Know Bob? (Silent Night)

We are ready for all your Christmas events with all the Christmas tunes.

Cangelosi Concerto

Jayden Beaudoin with the University of Western Ontario Orchestra.  Jayden won a concerto competition during his Masters' degree.  This is a part of the performance he got to do.  

Rosewood Dreaming

Movement iii of a marimba concerto from Stephen's first album: "Dreams".  

Hallelujah: Leonard Cohen

Live at the Carrot Cafe

Some upbeat video-game music + Stubernic (a tune with a lot of notes) from an intimate cafe show.

Ey Yare Jani: with guest Ziya Tabassian

A modern new take on a traditional Persian love-song.  This a mix of original and newly composed material.  Using the "Hijaz Makam" (musical mode), one Arabic music expert we consulted with described this as a "beautiful marriage of Hijaz and Jazz".  

The Triangle.  "Educational".  

It's a very serious instrument.  

At the Market (Girl from Ipanema)

We often play at farmers' markets.  Here's a video from one such occasion!

Dance Monkey at West Edmonton Mall

The original music video did not have enough monkeys!

Mario Theme Song

Classic video game.  

Beats By Bike! Hastag.

Jayden takes his drums everywhere.  In a wagon on the back of his bike.  And now, for Sticks and Stone, there is a larger wagon for his blue vibraphone...

Bangiza: Zimbabwe to Canada Collab #1

Stephen has been making friends online with musicians from around the world.  He is so thankful to be able to have done this cell-phone collaboration with Hebron Muronzi from Chitungwiza, who shares his arrangement of a Shona song that is perhaps a hundred years old.  


Also find more fun content on the Sticks and Stone YouTube channel (originally, Stephens's personal channel). Or also, Jayden's personal channel (he's creating a lot!).  

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