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Sticks and Stone Curbside Community Concerts
(legacy page: from 2020/2021 Covid, though we would still love to perform for your community event, which could have similar considerations)

Would you like to share a unique and joyful musical experience with your community?  Sticks and Stone invites *you* to present a Curbside Community Concert in your neighbourhood! (previously "Physically Distanced Community Concert").

What is a Curbside Community Concert? (14 July 2021 update)

These shows are approximately 45 minutes in length and are held on or near your property. High traffic locations are preferred as they have a potential to reach more community members.  These are hosted by ordinary people like you!  We did 30 in 2020.  

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What precautions do you take?

There is debate in 2021 as to what caution is needed vs 2020.  Regardless, with an outdoor neighbourhood concert, there is always plenty of open-air space so that people can distance as comfortable.  If you would like, we can bring the same signs we did in 2020 reminding people to keep their distance. As percussionists, we are not subject to the same concerns as singers or wind instruments. Finally, as the presenter you are welcome to provide masks for the audience and/or ask us to wear them ourselves.  Please contact us if you have additional concerns and we will discuss how we address these.  

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How can I spread the word about the event?

One of the responsibilities of the presenter is to engage with their community and build support for the event. We will supply you with a digital poster (a sample poster can be found above) to share with your friends and neighbours. Here is an example of an excellent email a host wrote!  Contacting your community league, posting on Facebook, and using the NextDoor app are also excellent ways to connect additional people to the event.  When we arrive one hour early for set up, we recommend you meet us and then begin welcoming and greeting your neighbours.  Please let your neighbours know that they are welcome to show up 30 minutes before the main performance to get settled.  20 minutes before showtime they can expect prelude music, introduction of our unique instruments and chatting with the musicians (there will be more time after the performance).  Your hard work, support, and community involvement will ensure that this event will successfully bring joy to the most amount of people.  Additionally if you are comfortable with it, we will let people know through our channels, which will augment your audience a bit and add energy to the atmosphere.  


How loud are the instruments?

Perhaps comparable to a grand piano, each.  They do not need amplification in a controlled, small-scale community context (we do amplify for festivals, which have largely been canceled or modified for 2021).  For this reason, typically performing right within a neighbourhood is also better than a large park:  the music will draw people out from their homes when it is close-by, but will be ignored when there is too much space.  The instruments also have sufficient volume that neighbours might listen safely distanced from their own property, outside of the gathering.

What if it rains?

We have tents comparable to what are used at farmers' markets.  Rain is not ideal, but the complications for everyone of rescheduling are greater.  We will be there "pandemic, rain or shine".  Could you make contingency plans for your audience? 
Weather is not predictable ever.  With 30 Physically distanced concerts in 2020, we only had to reschedule once (upon arrival when it was just too rough.  No one out money).  We even had it rain 15 minutes before performance when it then turned out to be a beautiful day and a perfect concert in the end.  The plan is to make the scheduled time work unless it is really unviable.

How much does it cost?

To ensure that we can continue to bring these concerts to various communities across Edmonton, and to ensure that the presenter is invested in creating this community event, we require either A) a deposit of $100 from the presenter in addition to taking donations throughout the show.  Or, B) a minimum guarantee of $400 (to be topped up) after donations.  At a later date, we might increase this fee.

-Many home-presenters have offered larger fees, acknowledging the significant time, effort and cost behind our performances and business

For sustainability, we require a very minimum $400 for a 45 minute performance (3 hours on site with 3 musicians, with additional transport (1hr on each end/setup/takedown), administration, practice and costs).  If we break this down, if 20 people could donate $20, this covers it.  We would encourage that audience members be ready to donate $10 or $20, but would invite neighbours to attend even if unable to contribute.  Donations can be made in person or from our Payment/Donation tab at


In the past, pre-covid, a typical fee to perform at a large event (depending on circumstance) would have been $1000-$3000.  And, currently the world is somewhat resetting... If we are looking at a birthday party or a wedding etc, this is now a different category than our community concert formula (additionally, it is difficult for us to ask your personal guests for your special event to donate, as might happen with street-performance).   The above listed rate is a deal limited to these times, limited to "Average Joe on the Street".  Additionally, we limit this offer only for our first performance in a location and for ordinary individuals (but if you are asking for an organization or for your second performance, let's talk!).  We do want to play, but this has to be balanced against having a viable business and making a living.

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Want to book an event?

Book a Curbside Community Concert with Sticks and Stone by emailing Stephen at . In your email, please include your name, contact number, address/suggested performance location, and preferred date and time for the event.  

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