Marimba Around the World

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Marimba Around the World CD

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Physical CD of "Marimba Around the World" (2020). Including digital paintings by Abhay Pratap Singh (India) and Marek Tamowicz (Poland). Reinterpretation of folk music from around the world.

1. Cacharpaya (Andes)

2. Tsumaile (Romani)

3. Ciucciu Bellu (Italy)

4. Tipe Tizwe (Zimbabwe)

5. Nereidas (Mexico)

6. Mu Lupita (Guatemala)

7. Ritual (Honduras)

8. Tabuh Telu (Bali)

9. Ey Yare Jani (Iran)

10. Snake Charmer (India)

11. A Place Like This (Nakota)

12. Amigo (Brazil)

13. Oseh Shalom (Israel)

14. Hina Na Ho (Dene)

15. Boat Song (Korea)

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