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Why share?

As Ali Abdaal (a YouTuber I admire) would say, often we find our voices through the process of writing, of creating.  Abdaal also uses the term "Creatorpreneur".  Though his background is medicine, I think the Creatorpreneur mindset applies all the more to the arts.  Often that Entrepreneur side especially is the piece that artists struggle with the most.    ​


Another YouTuber and business person I quite admire, Alex Hermozi (who started with the gym business), discusses ideas that growing as an Entrepreneur involves growing as a person.  He argues that to "level up", we need to continuously improve our Skills, Traits and Beliefs.  When we are stuck at a place, it is usually because one of these three things is lacking.   ​


I would like to share such ideas and reflections about creation, entrepreneurship and personal growth here, in writing.  Some of these ideas might find themselves doubled in other places (YouTube etc).  I personally am in a state of growth as an in-person teacher and truly appreciate the opportunity to help people "level up" in various ways.  I also have a great admiration for the people using modern storytelling approaches through YouTube (etc) to help others as they grow.   Wishing you all the best in your personal-growth!  We are all growing and learning.  I hope that you might find some value through what I share, as I organize thoughts in reflection.  

-Stephen (leader of Sticks and Stone)

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